Categorizing sex with a common perspective


We often enjoy sounds like ohhh aaahhh come on do it do it, get set, keep moving on,  and these sounds are good enough with a video showing a practical exercise of sex and that videos can be found in most of laptops and mobiles as hidden files. We exercise sex up to our level best, we favour it and the major part of Pashtun society that is 90 percent are addicted to sex, and this is not only because of the carnivorous food but also because of some taboos that led the society very much congested. In my opinion most of our ideas and creativity is blocked because we always think of sex which means a mental satisfaction and after getting it one can direct through an innovation easily. Sex is one of the basic need of human being then why are not only denying it but discouraging the ideas which can address this issue. But I am wondering here that individually we are always in search of sex but we deny this truth publicly.

How do we get our sex education, how do we come to know that it’s our puberty age and now we have got some physical and mental changes and how it can be exercised in a positive direction so that to avoid complications. We don’t get this education from our teacher neither from our madrassa teacher nor from our parents but we get it from a person who in response sexually exploite us. If a person get a right education in the wrong way so how he can make a good use of it. There is no rocket science in the issue, just think of it that if we suppose to make it a part of syllabus then to how many problems we can get rid of. In our society where the social system is so congested that one cannot go for its choice in the sex, but will go for the existing and available sources, that may be cousins, neighbours or masturbation. The female in our society is facing sexual harassment from her cousins firstly and then she can find someone else to make level her satisfaction need. The ban on open sex idea has left our society so dirty and involuntary in the sex that by knowing some stories you will hate this social system. There are sexual relations in our society which consider to be the most dangerous form of a social system but these stories are hidden, and exist also.

Many people are so creative that they have commercialized it in the form of Heera Mandi, call girl or we often call it taxi girl as well. This is called commercial sex, which means to use the sex for a business purpose. And this aspect of the sex remains a good industry in the west named as porn industry. But there are people who are volunteer in this cause. And this is we can termed as volunteer sex. We can categorise the gays most often called themselves as Shauqeen (Fond of It) or the females are also part of it, but the major part of this category is girl/boy friendship. In this relation the friends offer sex voluntarily without any cost.  In the cities one can find some call girls or other places where he or she can met his or counterpart but in far-flung areas where the female movement is restricted then most of the people are adopting homosexuality. In this process it always happen that the person who quenched peoples thirst are very much less and the list of thirsty people is far high, so this person is always remains a bone of contention amongst these sexually hypered people. This service man is termed as Koni, but this is not as much commercial as the city’s gays are. He is mostly rely on barter system, supposed you will offer him some shopping or something need of him, and he will offer you his services somewhere in the fields or indoor.

There is big community attached to another category which is very much creative but not in positive direction. This category names as self-help category, which means to satisfy himself by his own means i.e masturbation. While the females are mostly rely on rubbing which is almost same like playing with guitar. If we accept the sex as basic need and come up with its education in our course books so we can tackle down all these negative perceptions. What will be the outcome that we can get a creative and prosperous generation out of this raw material. Our generation would be sexually matured and saturated and they will never think of it exhaustively. They will get sleep in the long days of June and july and they will understand the use, terms and conditions of sex.ImageImage

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  1. aftab khan khalil says:

    what non sense is this ….. If we accept the sex as basic need and come up with its education in our course books so we can tackle down all these negative perceptions. What will be the outcome that we can get a creative and prosperous generation out of this raw material.
    what about ISLAM….. why should not we connected our self with Islam or educated our new generation with Islamic point of view …… we bring TV, COMPUTER, NET, CABLE, CD player ,DVD player cell phones and so many other things to our homes or houses …..we can tackle down all these negative things by educating our new generation with Islamic education and bring them near to Islam….. Such stupid peoples want to bring sexual education in our course books means distractions…..


    1. attaullahjournalist says:

      Debate Appreciated but not valid……….. Please come with arguments …………


      1. Asif Mohmand says:

        wonderful,,effort i never seen such bold Act,, i really appreciate,, Sex education is very important for the society,in the developing countries 15 years is enough to aware from Sex,,,in our society in the age of 30 they didn’t know how to sex,,we understand our culture and religion boundaries and we can not discuss publicly,,but if we start discourse,in universities Colleges, and Teachers can play a vital role in this regard.
        In fact, I believe that we need better sex education in our own culture, so that young folk learn about things like disease before they encounter it.and i am sure after the Sex education they will start thinking for betterment of society.


  2. hastam khan says:

    Islam say that when u become adult than marry I think this is t


  3. wasi says:

    What is this ? i cant understand what you want to portray. tell me one thing in your life you did self sex or not ? can you talk on this topic among your family members your wife , sisters, mother and please tell me could you discuss this

    “While the females are mostly rely on rubbing which is almost same like playing with guitar”
    Hope you will not mind it….


  4. Fazalullah Mohmand says:

    appreciable write-up asking people to take very bold step to be taken, as i will say it’s not possible in our culturally and religiously rich society, even the source person of the idea would be reluctant to adopt these ideas in own country, province, city, village and home. Personally speaking everyone appreciate it for own self but who will like it for countrymen, neighbors, brother, mother and sisters? If

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  5. attaullahjournalist says:

    Dear wasi, we did not discuss Quaid-e-Azam, in our family, we did not discuss chemistry in our family, we havent gone through the physics with my family, we never discussed even Islamyat in our family, if we put the sex education in our course books it does not mean that we will be having sex openly, but will channelize and awareness would be the priority. if you avoid sex education it does not mean that sex is banned, sex is still there, because by giving only 50 rupees one can have a lot of porn videos and Pakistan is the country where Porn sites and movies are being watched and downloaded at highest ratio in the world. If you suppress the humans nature it will revolt with the double force. According all researches and theories it is proved that sex is the basic need of human being same like food. So if we avoid its education then it means our generations will definitely go for it in negative ways. Sex education means to let them know about what is sex, and the physical and psychological changes came in to the youngsters when they grow up, so how would they tackle these changes and what are the sexual diseases and what is sexual harassment etc. It is just education and awareness which will bring some positive change in society.


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