KTH receives 14 dengue fever patients

Khyber Teaching Hospital has 14 dengue fever patients from the different parts of the province till date. Majority of them belong to Tehkal area of Peshawar.  
 5 of them are recovered and discharged whereas rest of them is still hospitalized for their treatment.

Patients were received in their respective emergency medical units. After proper investigation the dengue fever patients were shifted to isolation rooms for their further management. 

All the diagnostic and treatment facilitate is provided by the hospital. 
Following are the details of the patients:

i. Ms Parveen w/o Muslim Khan 65 years Tehkal Bala

ii. Mr Riaz s/o Musa Khan 35 years University Town

iii. Mr Usman s/o Syed Rasool 17 years Regi

iv. Ms Sadaf w/o Irshad 25 years Tehkal Payan

v. Mr Ihesham s/o Ayub Khan 18 years Tehkal Payan

vi. Mr Fazal Ameen s/o Gul Akbar 28 year Tehkal Payan

vii. Mr Salman s/o Saif Rehman 16 years Tehkal Bala

viii. Mr Usman s/o Saif-ur-Rehman 17 years Tehkal Bala

ix. Ms Yasmine w/o Rahman Gul 50 years Tehkal 


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