Saudi Started Amnesty Plan, Facilitating Exit of Illegal Foriegners

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan through a press release has stated that the Government of Saudi Arabia has started from today Amnesty plan 2017 namely “Nation free of violators”. The scheme aims to facilitate exit of illegal foreign nationals to their respective countries. Those who can benefit from the amnesty scheme would include over stayers of Hajj, Umrah and visit visa holders, absconders, expired Iqama holders and person without residence cards. According to the programme, illegal workers are encouraged to leave Saudi Arabia within three months without any fine or penalty. They can re-enter the Kingdom legally on new work visas. It is expected that thousands of our nationals will benefit from the scheme.In this regard. Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh has made necessary arrangement for assistance and guidance of our nationals living illegally in the Kingdom and to facilitate their exit in smooth manner. The Embassy has cancelled the leaves of its staff members so that every staff can provide maximum assistance to our nationals.

         A “Special Help Center” has been established in the Embassy under Community Welfare Wing which can be approached through the following email, telephone numbers and whatsApp address. The Special Help Centers will be work during weekends.

         Email Address.

         Mobile No. 00966-533783663

         WhatsApp. 00966-533783663

         In addition to it, the Embassy will facilitate our nationals in the following manners:

         Different Consular teams will visit different regions in the Kingdom for extending help to the Pakistan illegal persons. Embassy will extend expired passports free of cast to all such persons who will be availing facility under the amnesty scheme. The Embassy will also issue Emergency Travel documents, after due process, to those who do not possess passports to facilitate their exit.

         The Embassy has nominated following focal persons for guidance and facilitation in far flung areas of the Kingdom. On the first day of the amnesty some persons have obtained exit in cities of Hail. Dammam and Riyadh.

Jubail Region: Mr. Adbul Qadir. Mobile No. 0582880700 and 0555714516

Al Hasa Region: Chaudhry Muhammad Saeed. Mobile No. 0504938207

Hail Region: Afzal Qamar. Mobile No. 0507861234

Arrer Region: Mr. Muhammad Ramzan. Mobile No. 0595902723

Tabuk Region: Mr. Amin Chatrali. Mobile No. 0507040667 and Mujahid Amin. Mobile No. 0554346898.

Buradia and Al Qasim Region: Mr. Waqas Khan, Mobile No. 0580024588 and Mr. Bakhtair Khan, Mobile No. 0580024599.

Dammam and Al-Khobar Region: Raja Imran, Mobile No. 0598926099 and 0505157638 and Rana Saghir Ahmad, Mobile No. 0598800113 and 0509093023.

         The Embassy of Pakistan has called upon all Pakistan nationals who are illegal in Saudi Arabia to get maximum benefit from the amnesty period.


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