To celebrate 77th National Day of Pakistan, Charge d’ Affaires (a.p) of Pakistan to Niger climbs Highest Mountain in Africa

To celebrate 77th National Day of Pakistan in a befitting and different manner, Mr. K.K Ahsan Wagan, Charge d’ Affaires of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Niger climbed to the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro-highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania has an altitude of 5,895 meters/19,341 feet above sea level. Mr. Wagan reached the Summit of the Wonder of Africa on the morning of 31st March, 2017 at 8.30 am local time.

According to Local Administration/Kilimanjaro National Park Authorities, Mr. Wagan is the first Pakistani diplomat to reach the Summit of highest point in Africa. The climb was challenging but Mr. Wagan achieved this distinction with courage and resilience. Mr. Wagan has also the distinction of trekking in different parts of the world including climb to Everest base camp in April, 2004.

He has dedicated this climb to the founding fathers of the Nation, who 77 years ago under the dynamic and charismatic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah decided to have a separate homeland for Muslims of Sub-Continent, where they can spend their lives as per their beliefs and aspirations.


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