Skilled FATA Program

With every new dawn youth tries to search out a new outlet for a job opportunity across the country. As the unemployment rate hikes with every passing day while job opportunities remain insufficient for this crowded nation. The opportunities lack almost in double when it comes to Federally Administered Tribal area (FATA). Nawab Khan 26 with an electronics diploma is one of the thousands youngster who seems optimistic when he moves towards Peshawar from Bara, Khyber agency in search of getting an opportunity to explore his abilities. “I have secured electrical diploma and some short courses in motor winding and other electronics” said by Nawab Khan. As per often he visited Peshawar warsak road today in a hope to get an opportunity.

While visiting the industrial zone his white colored clothes were soaked with sweating and finally submitted his CV at Solar Energy Company. The skilled inmate of Khyber Agency still has a high moral for finding a job and suggested the youth to come out of their homes and learn technical skills of their interest through internship. He is for sure that nobody will remain unemployed if every one of us at least learn and practice a skill. Khyber Agency carries 34 % literacy rate with a 40 percent unemployed ratio. To cope with this unemployment rate FATA development Authority (FDA) is endeavoring for a skillful FATA and offer various technical short courses for matric, middle and under matric students of all FATA. According to FDA they have trained 3500 students in various technical categories in the best technical institutes of Pakistan.

Khyber Agency coordinator Tufail Khan Khalil said that it’s a continue process and those students who are really interested to be skilled can any time contact them to avail this opportunity. Agency Coordinator added that these courses includes electrical, mechanical, computer, plumbing, motor winding, refrigeration, AC fitting, Heavy machinery operator and other short courses for FATA domiciled students. Agency Coordinator further revealed that during these courses all the boarding lodging expenses afford by FDA and a stipend of 3000 per month is also been given to these students. Islamuddin, is also one of those technically skilled people who has availed FDA Hunarmand FATA opportunity and runs AC and refrigerator repairing shop at Karkhano Market Peshawar. According to Islamuddin he supports a 20 member’s family and three other helper through his shop and he is much satisfied with his skill and income. Islamuddin prefers skill over labor work as through skill one can earn with ease and dignity.

A young Zabihullah 28, having bluish eyes with a screw driver in his hand, driving a screw of an electric circuit board at electric shop situated in Jamrud Bazar Khyber Agency, is also one of those skilled students who has availed a six month building electrician course under the umbrella of FDA and now he is not only running his own shop but also entertain building contractors through his services. According to him it just need a courage and determination to start your career as a skilled person. He claimed that our country has a shortage of technical asset which increases the unemployment ratio which is why the youth is become deviant chooses illegal means of income.

On the other hand there are number of educated youth in Khyber agency setting idle, justifying their unemployment with no or less job opportunities. Shah Faisal an Instructor at Khyber Institute of Technical Education supports technical education in respect of unemployment. “Those who passed their matric or FSC exam should consider their selves for technical short courses offered by FATA development Authority to clench their career in early ages” the instructor suggested.  “After the completion of these courses one can start working at his home or can have a shop in the market which trigger his earning and can support his family” Shah Faisal concluded.

Lack of technical education and unemployment are considered to the one of the root cause of poverty in Khyber Agency which can controlled through such initiatives as started by FDA.


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